Wall Post Unedited.. Ninja Status.

I am always ninja still. This matrix is afraid of my capacity to understand and to move with purpose. My thinking freedom comes at a time where you think on your own or something will predict your behavior and do it for you. I am different. I am more difficult than you know it about me . But yet I look smooth and simple. I guess this comes from my soul just holding me up well. I have volumes and I have depth . I am poet and my word creations relaxes me at every breath . It also surpasses any amount of wealth. Freedom is not just money or rights but is also good health. And once you get to this understanding. You are better off now than before. I am performing a lot better. Now that I know reality is me and my vanity wrapped into sanity. This just the way quick and handy work . Via ninja . I am ninja always.

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Mentally Sound ..

So very special, I want to be successful. I want to drive my potential! For I know love is essential. And poetry is working my credentials. I want to be a artist , so I can challenge the smartest . For I shown that I work the hardest and know that my heart is on my sleeve regardless whatever chip sleeps on my shoulder. I am understanding this is a good time to be a bit bolder ! I’ve aged well so I can’t get any older . For I have been thinking over and over. That I’m just a well tune ninja , poet , and lover . Always trying to inspire others. Often enjoy being just another person that pick up poetry to distribute a little peace of mine . So I am special ,so I have refine myself to let my poetry design itself. Natural art by itself with it own type of wealth. This is my soul carrying me towards mental health. A state of hope and humbleness and the constant looks forwardness.

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Happy Poetry Week .. And I Mean It .

And I mean it obviously. Because I love you for what you do and not the other stuff from the past that ran you over and threw you to far that you could not recover. Hey dear lover it’s your week to takeover. Stress should not be upon any of our shoulders . If you are older feel free to bless a young person with information on being bold and being told what the true value of your cause is . You study about all of this in colleges , and there and when you ask what your cost is . As long as your mind and speech is free it already covered by inner self poetry , the real life insurance policy. It does well when it inspires privacy. We all know a bit about misery . It tend to go on visibly and we consume it visually . That is my life literally so vividly nevertheless I keep on writing the hopes of the way it suppose to be . This poem is a toast to you and me for doing our duty for holding and molding true beauty to show off how golden we are . Happy poetry week so casually . It’s something like my specialty.

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This is my poem of what happens when things go wrong , they go awfully wrong . And your fears come stumbling along when you are emotionally weak but physically strong and your life seems to keep going on . On and on in another place where you are consume by space it has been many moons and hours since I’ve seen my face . I question myself if I won the human race and that when my story picks up pace for my body have issues to embrace. Am I in shocked or with faith. Is it both that I carry any way . This is the day that won’t go away. It’s holding me to stay. It’s like being there and being where you fall from grace into another place that you rethink on how your time was waste and this is where I’m at . I don’t know if I’ll be coming back for this is my great freedom of new contacts . I think I saw someone backpack. I will see if they can tell me where I’m at . And maybe where I can go get a snack . I just hope I am still solid and I haven’t cracked. I promised my love I will make a deep impact . To act off of a determined reflex . I am already thinking what next to expect . Life is not here yet . I’m not sure but I bet that I’m just a cure for what will be a option for keeping me the way I were . I was collected and sleeping on my talents . In fact I woke and saw that I’ve been given a challenge. I have to know why I have energy but no sound or balance. I am on the ground near a palace. I feel like being here but still like I’m somewhere else . And sadness wear on me well. I still have hope to know where I dwell .

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Happy Poetry Week !

Easy said then done I know I’m not the normal poet you are use too . I’m not the poet that you’ll get introduce to . Just don’t get comfortable cause it may get unusual. I like poetry because it runs on life like a musical. And it’s so beautiful, art to art now we have contact with a visual. And now it’s up to me the individual to make some things less miserable. Like content in light becoming spiritual. Life never stop making miracles. Look at me still adding hope with and to my material. I’m all zoned in and nope I have just on me something critical. Poetry so insane that it’s physical . So I contain the mental and drip drain comfortable signals for most women will find me appealing brave and cheerful . I have this complex thing about me being too simple. With a comeback theme based on a wrinkle no steam just a well planned scheme. Poetry as you can see is a deep process from within . Now you know how all of this begins. It’s often based on whenever you get a second wind .

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Reeducated By Six Degrees.

Oh , how are you? Did really get this far by breathing and sharing the same air . No room left for us to really care we took turns learning when to stare . Oh ! How are you? I am old but I am fine . I miss how we used to do time . Leading each other to our prime , no thought or worries of breaking love or any crimes . The feel of guilt so far behind our minds . If only we could have read through the lines and readjust what we had to better mankind. A simple story of us knowing already the ways of trust . How we nevered discuss us . Oh . How are you. Do you agree or disagree that our souls are really free or are we just simply perfectly lucky . I am blessed to be reeducated by and with the best, the laws of six degrees of separation has been put to the test . No stress . Just the fact of knowing each other wild Friendly guess. I love how perfect we are when our lives clearly a mess but we have life to live so let’s do it as a conquest and humbly and comfortably rest.

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Reeducation Ramp ..

We all need some role to hold . This is the way to feed your goal . I carry my soul because it’s already whole, gold can easily break and be easily sold . Please take over self controls ! All we want is to properly be answered or to be told . No head fakes or doctrine based code . Brace yourself for something bold . You are a Christ like individual so continue to break the mode . Tell weak to seek freedom and speak. This is the part where life becomes visually sweet . Reeducation a criteria for oneself to meet. Tell the collected you are going to peak . Tell them to want more than a sheep. We all already have souls that are complete . All you need to do is just compete . I Call this the Reeducation ramp not to teach but to overcome anything and leap to reach . I preach to you storage holding that is personally unique. It will give your brain thoughts of being too sweet. Hell no ! I ain’t going back to sleep.

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