Happy Future Week Of Poetry.. Word Collection.


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Future Me .

I broke the monopoly, I hope I make it a decent rivalry. I understand the system know bribery and love armed robbery but all I care is if I win my own lottery . To be living half way out of poverty. Yeah I got technology , but it’s off to the side right now , just because it was never exact or precise enough. I have my own advice that is twice enough. A little bit big and a bit too rough . Focus only on me is getting too tough so I started to this thing with love to help me with trust. I got a poetic feeling I’m going to bust . Or maybe I should just readjust. Walk through backwards in public to meet the rush . Yes I am not in a hurry to meet you but I must. I have this thing about you and the future that is a plus. I just want to make it as far as possible with my age and delicate rust . I’m just saying ahead of time is really meant for us . With a future me molded well like the earth crust . I will and shell carry a creative brush . So I can balance off evil with a simple thrust. I just want time to forever be the perfect crush . For I have a thing with poetry due to a brilliant touch . In which and as such the future will make me twice as much . So I say .

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Into The Future.

And here come those dreams of those heart felt things. You must wish well as it seems. The future may be extreme just don’t let anyone pull you along on a string . Keep happiness upon you and make freedom ring . The life you are living will bring you everything. Just focus on awareness and self esteem. Let poetry be the theme and the content visual go on and sing about a future that is destine to be seen. It is so bright that blessed beam . Making us want to reach out for something so fresh and clean . If you are from the south you know what I mean . And if you are a poet thinker you know exactly how far we lean . Into the future , where I should be . Better off there then now. I don’t know exactly how, why , or when . I just know what I am willing to do again. Love myself more as if I was my own twin .

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Into The Future Poetry Week..

It’s the message that we use ,it’s the lessons that we used to equal to no weapons that I will use to show off a peace of how I love you. I just need to get my groove on , so I can move on . The world will carry along with you off or power on , I just past up what has been going wrong the collected still going strong. Well into the Future is where I belong ,meanwhile and waiting to come around I just do my thing with life experiences and poetry to calm down . I have to explore different levels of art being so smooth and so sound . Ain’t no audio here to be found. Get your visual on a inbound while your heart beat vividly float around. This is the future of poetry and life stacking up pound by pound, you either carry it or you pass it on down . Just never leave it to make it somewhere across town . Your spirit and intellect should be shadow incase bouncing visibly within space. Poetry personally filled with grace . Did we already overcome the human race . Happiness upon all and each other face make me hope we found our faith with more time to meditate . The future is calling out and hauling off with whatever you make . That is the irony of history and the future for it’s always a predate . I’m just questioning all as time travel as our being separately escape into a wonderfully built landscape. Nothing to be shocked about if it’s something you dreamed about and had to wait on destiny to fulfill a date .

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Oh Why You Took Me..

Oh what you did from the start was very smart. You blew love off the chart , and left me with unspoken art . Oh why my interest seems dark I want you to bring enlightenment to my thoughts I have this free will where I move like a shark . It’s just a form of competing to keep me mentally and emotionally sharp . Oh why you took me this far I look like my dreams and feel like a star . Oh why you take me for who I’m is over what you are . This means we’re love crossed at any little bar . We can walk in we will be friends after awhile we will show some skin . Love sweeps across like the wind , so we’ll carry it from there to when. I don’t think she cares about what she will win . I just heard her say in the next life she’ll do it all again. Oh ! Why you took me this far, yes I was carrying so many scars. It all once use too fit in until I found out the true value of that kind of sin . Its the type that would put materials over a friend. What life is that if I can’t hold my heart up to my chin and be happy and humbled to see a difference between now and then . Thanks to you I understand why you took me far . I am just your mirror image passing through who you are .

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Happy Action Week Of Poetry .. I Know.

I know, I know, I know! I’m ready. And ain’t no maybe, just my mind staying focus and steady . I know if you give me action I will wield it like a machete. I know that may sound a bit too scary but my heart has been heavy and that is a honor to carry. I know, I know, I know! I am ready for action! Already to break down all problems into fraction. The answers to be applied to a new application. I know that my education will need a few modifications . Just a little room for my poetry publication. I know I can save up enough words to save the nation. I know I can spin change into a moment of soothing meditation. I know I am more than ready for these and that action . When all it does is present my expression as a formal way to read caption. I know and I am ready for action.

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Action To Match Everything..

Everything comes with a pair . But being together in reality can seem or be rare . Just think freely and soon watch then you’ll get aware to a constant in life in which you must compare . Something to do or think twice without understanding or care. Action is your soul will that wheel take you there . Action to match everything done on a personal dare . It may be a minor scare when you are calm and prepared . Everywhere becomes a venue to match what you wear . Action matches everything with a significant flare . It stares with a innocent glare . Action to match everything into a decent casual affair .

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