Happy Bestivous Week Of Poetry .. While Waiting.

Waiting to be a potent version of me . Waiting to feel emotionally unleashed and free ! Look into my eyes and read my lips . Life is filled with twists and flips . I can easily use a few words to give you the slip . I can add words to shine my 50 cents . That’s a whole day worth of a worth wild matrix trip . Life content is a flashback film of when you last had a grip . Now it’s seems like a SciFi movie unfolding into a mystery script. Who let me take a pill and a sip . Life values is like the rise of a space ship . Everybody is amazed that it did lift . Everybody should be impressed by us being athletically inclined to do more than the graveyard shift. This is pure life that I normally sniff . While waiting I’ve hobby mastered a scholarship . No need for my dreams to romance into a fellowship. One life . One dream . That is a ongoing theme . While waiting I’ve seen and done something. Happy Bestivous to the blessings that we will all bring .

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Notecast . Happy Bestivous Week Of Poetry ..

Hi and welcome to my blog thanks for looking into my thoughts and art of word usage. Bestivous is a high level term for networking with friends and friends of friends. The goal is to make as many best friends during a three day period. It’s the holiday for the rest of us . It’s food based as well. Not so much gift giving but it’s whatever. December 27 – 29th is the days to court best friends, love ones , soul mates , and business buddies. This week is just respecting the art of poetry . This is how I bring awareness to style. This is a blessing and I hope I will make poetry my career soon . In the meantime happy poetry ! Thanks and God bless you all that like or love this blog.

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Happy Bestivous Week Of Poetry .. Dancing In The Spotlight.

No worries with me , just a epic story to see . To be , to believe of a feeling that just agree. A aggressiveness you get when angry. Now it’s changing . Everytime I move my foot drops! Every word I use is cleaning like a work mop . Poetry is the key take a seat and focus on me . I bend my knees to stay ready. I nod my head and roll my body. I’m glad that I really don’t know anybody. I just exchange my karate for a new way to move my body. I’m dancing in the spotlight. I wonder if it’s alright. Look at me do something so right. I have to say thank you for a goodnight. I’m dancing in the spotlight, have to move with action so I can still fight . I am a lover and poet so my skills are just 20/20 out of sight. I’m the casual ninja in the spotlight! Dancing, and romancing in your twilight. I hope you are somebody that I will eventually might like. I’m just noticing that I have been caught dancing into your spotlight. I hope this is alright.

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Happy Bestivous Week Of Poetry .. Ninja Networking.

Seeing and seen the visual of this one thing. Day in and day out . Daze and unused is what it’s all about. A day dream to look forward to downgrade any doubts . I am ninja , I didn’t rise up . I sprouted out and shouted my freedom. I arrive at the state of being constant. No mistakes just the right amount of confidence. I wanted to express with a flair of extravagance to incorporate some beauty, some skill , some talent, and uniqueness to appeal. I want something or someone that is real . So my pushed to reveal more thoughts discovered something weird. Space and a spot for me to create a bond of care or share as a trend and as a friend. Ninja networking proposal with a nod and a grin . Bestivous where pure logic simply begins . Bestivous the days where you meet a wild best friend. Question to oneself how to ascend society negative trends. By having the best collection of gentle sweet friends. This should comfort as well anybody with thin skin .

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Bestivous .. Best Of Us.

On and on we are strong we don’t bother anybody and we know rights from wrong. We don’t need Murphy to tell us by how much or how long. We understand we must go along . No I ain’t rapping I’m just chewing up a poem . I heard the cueing up of my song . So I remain calm and I went def and depth with the beat with my thumbs . Looks like we are having fun . Some things are about how fast you really run . On and on still going hard six in the morning . I’m up quick with a stack pack full of critical learning. My buddy wakes up to say is that bacon you’re burning. I’m just saying it’s more to life than all that earning. Maybe we are rights and nobody is wrong. We don’t need Murphy to tell us by how much or how long . I just know this is my favorite part of listening to my song how the hell do I expect to stay calm . I’m sweating and I am ready by the way I shake my palms . You can obviously I got it going, on and on . Bestivous ! Best of us . Casually assuring the rest about us . Thank you .

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Calm On Down ..

Dedicated to my first and last thought.. I’m not near or here to break you apart . I’m not trying to be your hero to save you because I am smart. I am closing in on you my dear for I see well and too often stressful marks . Oh my heart open wide for a thought for you . Calm on down come next to me so we can listen to how love sounds. Calm on down life is deep if you don’t get enough sleep your dreams won’t be able to speak , I am here to keep you from feeling weak . Yes I am that unique , yes I am this soft and sweet. Nothing you or I cannot reach calm on down, calm on me . Teach me your fears and I will clear them from ear to ear . I am hope that often appear , when it seems nobody can see or hear . I’ll hold you up and say , stay with me let go and be in love with all that we can see . We’ll be happy , so calm on down, calm on me I got poetry to take on life unexpected necessities . Calm on down , calm on me , nothing we have passed can make me turn ,and ask if we’ll last .

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I Know This Is Why We Sleep..

I know this is why we sleep . I know not enough energy . I know happiness is not a industry. Relax and recover from minor injuries. Sleep now. Sleep fast ask yourself to seek out something vast . And not so long time pass and you start to make visuals in your dream last. I know ! Dreams are where real lovers meet. Another side to our reality. This is a possibility. Wide awake and I’m thinking what to make of my mistakes and cry as I try to escape. I know now it’s getting a little bit too late. So I close my eyes to realize that arrived to your place as a surprise. I don’t know yet if you’re mines . I’m just trying to keep you in mind. For I know love is literally blind. I know I must think of you as a sign. No worries, relax , unwind , and remind there is a story for what you will find. I closed my eyes and I heard her say you’re the perfect size . The dreams are where we exercise. I know this is where our dream collide . Did any of our love survive. I don’t know but I hope to take you to the other side. I know I speak well in my sleep. I feel awful if didn’t speak . So I say to you , let my love reach and then I can treat , teach , and complete. I thought my hopes were incomplete. Maybe I was also just a little bit too weak . But now this is where we had to meet. Lovers impulse on the same beat . I know that life now that life should be just as sweet. As we ask each other are we still asleep. I know already because I had to take a peak .

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