Reeducated By Six Degrees.

Oh , how are you? Did really get this far by breathing and sharing the same air . No room left for us to really care we took turns learning when to stare . Oh ! How are you? I am old but I am fine . I miss how we used to do time . Leading each other to our prime , no thought or worries of breaking love or any crimes . The feel of guilt so far behind our minds . If only we could have read through the lines and readjust what we had to better mankind. A simple story of us knowing already the ways of trust . How we nevered discuss us . Oh . How are you. Do you agree or disagree that our souls are really free or are we just simply perfectly lucky . I am blessed to be reeducated by and with the best, the laws of six degrees of separation has been put to the test . No stress . Just the fact of knowing each other wild Friendly guess. I love how perfect we are when our lives clearly a mess but we have life to live so let’s do it as a conquest and humbly and comfortably rest.

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Reeducation Ramp ..

We all need some role to hold . This is the way to feed your goal . I carry my soul because it’s already whole, gold can easily break and be easily sold . Please take over self controls ! All we want is to properly be answered or to be told . No head fakes or doctrine based code . Brace yourself for something bold . You are a Christ like individual so continue to break the mode . Tell weak to seek freedom and speak. This is the part where life becomes visually sweet . Reeducation a criteria for oneself to meet. Tell the collected you are going to peak . Tell them to want more than a sheep. We all already have souls that are complete . All you need to do is just compete . I Call this the Reeducation ramp not to teach but to overcome anything and leap to reach . I preach to you storage holding that is personally unique. It will give your brain thoughts of being too sweet. Hell no ! I ain’t going back to sleep.

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Happy Reeducation Week Of Poetry .. Critical Momentum.

Go ,going , and gone. That is how life experiences travel with us . Like a gust of wind twisting some things around in a single direction. As well does the problems and answers . Most of my anger escape before I choose a forbidden mistake. Critical thinking is always coming to the conclusion of now being awake. Alert and powerful because of positive energy cycles . And infusions of skills, talent, and a constant opening for learning and holding concepts. We all accept answers but we dare to raise questions on arriving at the solution if that what it is . What is arriving if you are already at the right place at the right time. I say a blessing of maturity and responsibility will come at you st the speed of light and it will offer you options and a opportunity to just go to get going on staying gone with the wind . And that is how critical momentum carries us , by holding on to the experience of a lifetime. Wisdom is already a our pass time .

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Happy Reeducation Week Of Poetry .. Something Unlimited.

Well it’s my job to be ahead. So I wait . I keep a certain type of focus with me always. For I know I see things differently from you. I can’t say love without a action. Poetry helps a little but it normally just builds up passion. I think of one love and then I think about them all . A bitter sweet reaction on what often normally happens. My love my life my witty advice comes at a price . Am I not worth twice . Will I ever not be nice to you or you . Can I not make you cry and laugh just for fun . I don’t have a TV but I heard some women love that stuff . No I have any cash but I have a pretty thrifty past . No again. I will not pass you for your voice sounds peaceful like the wind . I know I may not understand you or hear you due to the wind but I understand you can do whatever you want because you misspelled when . Yes you and I could win . Winner takes all . A eye a heart and some skin . I will love to double that just incase I need to save my back end. I noticed this trend of men falling in love with a simple way of when . The state of strength in action a aggressive cavewoman mode . And if and when its unleash. How will you feel about her conquering more than free speech. Let love now be reach and let those actions teach us all how to properly fall near love and call it what you may just to focus on it . Reeducation makes loving unlimited.

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Happy Reeducation Week Of Poetry .. I Don’t Believe In Space .

All I have is faith to conquer things that are in my face . I don’t need to worry about a what if or just incase , I have a competing heart beating and beating at the right pace . I know when I slide and end up outside it’s just a place. For I don’t believe in space. For my soul occupy the human race. How else would I have a handsome face . I don’t believe in space I think it’s the feeling of grace . The movement of freedom within the moment of figuring out how to look into faith with wisdom. And slide across space with a poetic rhythm. I don’t believe in space for it’s just incase I don’t believe in faith . I am just saying we are in a race with being too close to the right place ,I will slide alone in grace . Reeducation is needed to find out how much I waste . Surely I lost more than weight during this mental escape. It’s never too soon or too late to understand more on being great.

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Happy Reeducation Week Of Poetry .. Stop Start Telling Why We Lie . Unedited.

Stop start telling why we lie .. History is bound to die for we have cash that fly and media that at least try to supply stories for us to buy. Stop start telling why we lie when we often apply pressure to the way we try . Don’t you know that’s a good way to cry . Stop start telling why we lie , as if political correctness gave us politicians that was made for that supply, just wait to hear and see how they reply. And then ask yourself if you are willing to buy . Stop start telling why we lie if it’s on the tv it’s a social ally . Rights and laws, wrong and right may settle a good fight but the effect of tension can’t be turned off or translated into a good night. You know for sure that societies are built upon hype . Stop start telling why we lie . Don’t we want our names to be a constant flow of inspired energy in the way we live by . Why lie when you can just humble oneself and cry . Being successful is not a cover to keep you warm . It’s the better way of keeping you away from harm .

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Reeducation Unedited..

The retooling of me to another level of being aware .to expect the unexpected. To grab all fears and to understand them as a temporary form of energy and motivation. You and I are way more than mammals. High tech maybe higher. Sensitivity maybe off the charts. We are gifted .we are wrapped tight . The question is will you or I ever open up all that is the gift of us in a moment. Happy reeducation week of poetry . Good day all .

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