happy poetry week .. bold like us .

Dearly collected daily expected and we are the ones that is truly respected . Only a few of us are often selected as a plug to the rest of those that stays unconnected . We are the eyes and voices of the unprotected . Poets like us often promote a bigger message with an even bigger method . Bold like us using words to discuss or to figure out what matters or what’s the matter in our lives . Communication should be something that matters to us all . We all talk or often send or take calls . We also chat or update our walls . What we do may seem small but we pick society up when everything decides to fall . Bold like us with our chest out standing tall , when in doubt just evolve .

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messaging my voice.

What where when and who are you to question me on the things that I do . That’s the sound of my voice , my voices of choices . Nobody but me forced the action and enforces a reaction then some people will add their own captions . Nevertheless I still think and listen on to myself satisfaction or unsatisfations. My life is full of love and of what was supposed too happen . Somethings are just too close to imagine my madness. Passion is how I address my lack of fashion and turns it into eye contact for attractions. I heard a voice say no more distractions , just focus in on what’s next to happen. Messaging my voice , into pictures , into features , and into people that want to be better God creatures .But we lack the right teachers and or preachers . Leaving it all to our own choices and voices . I reach what I can seek just to hold and never to keep my soul isn’t that weak . This is my intro to a happy poetry week .

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While Waiting.. I Found Love .

Life is too short to always be alone. I know that I am strong and happy on my own. Loving oneself is the way things belong . Until one day somebody special comes along. And it may be the best day you ever had until something goes wrong. And somebody pass by you humming your favorite song . I ask myself a question of going a short way or the long way to carry a thought on . I took the long way and caught up with the stranger humming my song . I said excuse me I don’t mean harm or danger or a crazy weird favor . Please let me introduce my wild witty behavior. I’m really into writing and other manual labor worth acquiring while understand things of matter that becomes just more inspiring. I was caught off guard and my life was spiraling . I was just admiring your vocal presence . For it has become a hopeful present . I often sing or hum when I am uncertain . It simply calms me to understand life lessons. I question two things of you that is a blessing . Did beauty find you or did you find beauty? Do you agree with me that you define the essence of beauty . You carry well a bold content of maturity . I hope that will be your security . I found love again in it purity.

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i can add words .. Physically Challenged .

I am always so far behind, I am always wasting my time . If only my body moved as well as my mind . Love wouldn’t be too hard to find . And I would be willing too cross the lines showing off how poets love to rhyme. Poetry like this is easily defined . Physically challenged mentally refined spiritually balanced is most of our kind . Emotionally unwind and strengthen by art and heart literally combined. Love has a better design and lust is a victimless crime . I am physically challenged most of the time .Love escapes me looking mighty fine . You hate me because I’m too much fast forward for your rewind. But I am the one that should be so far behind. I am physically challenged with intellect to design a outlet for my thirst for knowledge. I should had stayed locked up in college. I should have less mental mileage to take on anyone super or bionic. I don’t want sound so ironic but I am love mixed with poetry very possessive and sometimes overly obsessive. But I do what I can to look impressive even if my plan leaves me restless at least I showed you the way to be mentally aggressive . Even if life heart aches become more deceptive. Physically challenged but sufficiently effective.

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As Time Goes By .

Hi and bye to the most beautiful face on earth. Is there anymore room for what I’m worth in your eyes . As time goes by you the only thing on my mind . As time goes by you’re the best kind of understanding that brings the artist out of me . It seem this is our common bond and theme . I bet we’re the best sight ever seen. Love is high off of our self-esteem. For we are restless and separate cases of extremes that become reckless to our own dreams . You the only person that I need. As time goes by you’re the first thing on my mind . You are beautiful and you tend to get better with time . Just don’t leave my hope behind with whatever success you may find . I also refresh well myself sometimes . Hi and bye you’re the most beautiful face on earth . You make this place worth living . I’m driven to a space in time to take up any interest you may find and I will surprise you with a blast from the past , homemade sign . As time goes by .

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happy poetry week .. Outside This Body .

Collected constant cool calm content compact concentrated core . This is the action that I live for , outside this body you can hear it roar . Outside my body it’s room to soar but inside it , it’s actually more . Assume that your body is liquid for dissolving what it needs to store .You are the key and outside this body is the door . Data dump directly downloaded driving duty destiny designed departure. Waiting for a inspiring offer. The chance to author or authorize proper art via core or store to maximize the human heart . The organ within and the muscle without. Inside a channel with frequency and pass out to a contingency . Outside this body is my tendency to better my history. Outside this body there is a conscious of memory that waits on somebody.

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Happy Poetry week .. Notecast .

More of the usual unusual poems and thoughts. You stuff to get the blood warmer and running as well the brain calculating possibilities . That is the science behind my energy that I call a poem . Often it turns into a goodnight message for some or a good day chant for others. Just as long as it rubs us all the right way . I am blessed to have time and energy to do a poetry week concept . Right now this is my only escape. So I really try my best to run somewhere safe and comfortable with words and feelings . And I guess this is where to . Thanks to you and all for the attention and thoughts. Shell we all carry on bigger better and brighter ideas and hopes. Here to the dreamer , wisher , and lover in us and with us . Goodnight and sweet poems .

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