I Want To Make You Happy, part two.

Oh . Okay, okay. Oh! I haven’t seen your eyes but I’ve seen you stride . I’m thinking about a warm route inside . I’m pride deep so you already know I’m ready to try something heavy. Can you carry extra space for another maybe? As if my motives is myself to you on no notice. It’s my falt that I’m crazy right now. I want to make you happy, I’ve come to admire you being crafty. I’m crazy right about now and I want you to be alright. Tonight will be a long night. I got poetry to write. And this love for you have to rise by light. I want to make you happy. I want to make you so happy! I heard a lady like you tend to be self wrapping. Please don’t hide keep moving outside and one day with a smile we will collide that the only good thing about the future that I can provide . I know I’m crazy, but I’ll improvise . The tally of you is like two grand prize. I’m marching to you with hives and I want to give you something more than just a five . I brought my own supplies. I want to make you happy! Generally I’m steadily rapping. Literally crazy with some passion .

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i can add words .. i want to make you happy.

Lost a step , lost my health, and I seemed to forgot how to help me and you. My genes , my need, and how I will proceed. I told myself she can have my love indeed. Every other look is when we read then we take the time to breathe. People look at us and asked how we get freed. Star crossed lovers with a will to achieve. Something about conquering at a high speed. I want to make you happy. Iwanttomakeyou happy! My life is now so whacky . But she makes me happy. I want to make you happy! Then proceed, then we will read and every other look we’ll gently breathe. This story of me in need I failed in love with you before I could agreed . I saw you mold into a lady right in front of me . So mature and better than being sure. I saw you become insured. And what about me , so lonely. Young and hungry, and I do more things to prepare for you in the morning then I go on as a bit boring. I want to make you happy! I’m a over achiever so I’ll make it snappy .

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Something Been Brought Up .

The beat keep me from falling asleep there is a rhythm that my soul find sweet . My heart hold stuff that I love to keep. Something been brought up . Somethingbeenbroughtup frommyheart thathasbeen rippingmeapart. When andwherewillmysoul compete for her lovethatifindbitterlysweet. Something been brought up from the bottom of my heart and now I’m starting to feel complete. My thoughts sounds pretty bad as if I was being so cheap . I needed to dig deeper to find something unique. I just turned off the worry and sit back a bit to enjoy my story. I been much mostly in a hurry . I can now understand why something been brought up to meet the eyes . She’s a endless hopeful supply of a pretty good surprise. And with that my soul continue to rise . That is how love seems to fly . That is why something been brought up.

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Love falt ..

My thing. Iamninja . Iampoet . Iamloverandfighterandexplorer . I love who I love with everything. She is special. She is denseness. She is the overlapping of beauty. She is the holder for gravity. She exist in a unique way in my dreams. I have no choice but to be a better man . I enjoy what I know about her . She is somebody to know. Because yes she is pressure of seriousness. She is my only thought most the time when I have free time . I hope she is doing well always. I don’t care if it’s not the same feel for her . That is my struggle with love and being better. Her essence rubbed on me leaving no choice but to be potent . To carry a thing for her in another state. Maybe it’s love maybe it’s something greater. I believe it’s both . I believe love like this has potential. Potential to heal and to out live it history. Valentine who . What. When I have a struggle of every minute with what is love when I know it’s just a start and a state of being. She is her own blessing . Fun . Talented . Love tend to be a visual journey after awhile. And I thank her for the feel . It’s necessary that I become inspired by all and not drained or wanting attention when love is a discovery and its up to her to find one thing she love about me and make it larger than life to keep a p o v on me . I am a man and this is my utopian society definition of love .. She will love me but never will we be . Stay free and let us both carry that strong vibe of being just right . A fit for a tale . It’s better to just let the body tell . Because I over excel when I see her I double exhale. That was how I got out my shell . And the urge of me being a alpha male softly and easily now sails. Poetry of ourselves make me propel the purposeful instinct on how we really use smell . Do you fear me and need to feel me ? Can I heal you with just my happiness. Love falt just the right amount of salt to season the moment when we will talk . I’ll opt out , I’m willing to show you what love falt is about. The court is in session this is that guilty obsession. I can only see so far that I have lost my expressions. Love falt ! That the reason I keep second guessing about anything around my love.

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lake of love .

I can tell you hold so well maybe it is your beautiful cells . You got the looks that yells . excuse me my darling for I’ve fail not my life but the love that I trail . Maybe this is the best way to get well. By mentally sitting by a lake with love the perfect state of how to be ready for a curve. I know now thinking straight is off by my word . I’ve seen a third of your silhouette that gave me a urge that is the lake of love. Should love be in the friend zone looking for a hug , the lake is all about settling down with true love. This is the story of a lake that we should learn to love because it’s all about us . No need to fuss ,this lake of love is our holding of the point of view within a crush that holds a space with most of our trust . The lake of love is the saying on how we wait for love .

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i can add words .. Back to the beginning.

Funny how time flew , with you and me . As if we’re a dream team! The thought of man needing another scheme . Sounds like more machines , the ones that don’t care a thing. But at least they look mean and clean. As if they was kings . But this is my spotlight! Back to where we made our dreams and back to the beginning of everything. The hope you will get happy and scream . Happy to add a bit more to everybody special something !Backed to the beginning when all was already ending. You and me was sending back what you already missed defending . Back ! Back to the beginning my friends..

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Houston Poetry Session.. Happy Poetry Week . Hardcore! Encore !

Hardcore! Encore! Excuse me word press for keeping score ! No stress on me just fresh to meet. I’m a one page open book that you probably won’t read. But I’m sure you came over words to live by constructed by me . So perfect that you rest well on words that are so mighty. To live by the saying of never question a man that is still writing . Old school in nature but he could be exciting. Poetry on one page back to reciting. A book of poems normally leave my thumbs tumbling on which way to run . I got a blog post up on press as bright as the sun . I got critical success no time to impress time on what and where to invest. Poetry is my only address come to uptown Galleria and walk into my desk . All you need to know is Houston is like a bullet proof vest . Thoroughly tested and it will hold your breath. I got the city on one block and I’m fresh to def . I keep saying it because nobody chef is claiming it . Hardcore! Encore . Welcome to Houston yall . Thanks.

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