Coinavore .

With the same old facts I then told you my name . With the same old stats I’ve then rewrote the game . A poet that didn’t come for fame but I did come to explain and to reign . A campaign of random madness was often perfectly sustained . For a purpose to express myself  and to relieve overwhelming pain . I then took on another purpose by learning from the talent I had gained . A higher spiritual balance that came with writing that I had to maintain . A acquired lyrical vibrant to carefully frame . A method to a message to contain . The blood running in my veins , the letters of information rolling in lanes . All going towards the preparation of responding and building up my brain . Corresponding with a train of thought . Drilling the sound beating from my heart . Repeating what was always around from the start . Me being poetry in motion as living art .

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To the poet left behind .

The mind is a terrible thing to waste and so is a romantic rhyme without a place . The story is often told better to read one’s face . To  believe in another faith while running and wearing in a race . Find me a poet with fine taste and  I will support them with a beat and a pace . Here’s to the poet left behind . Something different than mankind . A persuasive  spirit perfectly designed . A competitive repetitive vivid look into the divine .  To the poet we often leave behind do to this society we are wrongly defined and lonely so we make ourselves hard to find . Everyday we portray everything is fine but we unwind by untangling wise rhymes . The urgent care of time is filled by a spiritual climb . Turning away from many visual signs . And only answering to what feels right because we are all blind . To the poet left behind never be afraid to make your volume heard and words shine .

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I can add words.. I’ll smile .

The nightmare I wake up from leads me to my dreams and to many dares I will do . If I only knew the total view . I would stare at the picture too . So I take a few minutes to leave my and to lead with my head . I wonder what other people life would be like if I was dead . Who would fashionably say things that I’ve said with passion of being scared . I hope you will share the best of me and test themselves to the rest of me that I left . There is another way I will beat death . With every breath of me I’ll smile from the depths of me while I conquer destiny . I’ll smile in agony with what I meet because it’s there to be beat . I’ll smile to keep me on my feet , dancing , and running to compete . For a life that should not be complete . This day is better bitter sweet . These days are bigger and unique . So I’ll smile in and out my sleep and through my most doubtful weeks . To strengthen what once was weak . I’ll smile as I seek my faith .

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Between my arms .

What more is there to learn . What more things and feelings can I earn . I took a chance at love , at lust , and with trust . And I lost a turn the past was no longer a concern . It became something to keep me focused and firm . I took a chance with faith and I got burned . Another concern was the mental harm . Will I be able to fit what I wanted and needed between my arms . Between my arms is a empty space that I’ll keep just to embrace in case you fall back into my grace . Shame will cover my face as I struggle to love my faith . For my mind has crumble under this pace and I have lost the reason to give chase . Between my arms there was a base for believing that all love was safe. Now I know it’s just bait for a future agreeable mistake . Between my arms there was something warm that was great . Now something has torn and my arms literally shake from remembering what I had to take . It’s best to have two broken arms than a heavy heart break .

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My first and last thought .

To you I leave what you didn’t believe in me . Truly I saw the best of me through you . Didn’t we grew or grow the only way we knew . A few if and or no to each of our views . For we opposed the new parts that we added to our hearts as we became addicts . Obviously our love is problematic . But eventually we became diplomatic . Knowing which way we will go at it . The havoc came and we still stayed the same , for we were children of the pain . You are from tears of many fears and I’m blood that been soaked in the mud . Never have I came close to love until your intellect tossed me into a flood of loaded words . And there I noted what was love . I saw this effect and studied because . I felt the buzz from life unplugged and took to you as my favorite drug . And that’s the story of out love . Quick bits of lust and fixed with trust .

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Falt For A Reason ..

Influential Expectations

We laughed a little , bragged in riddles , and played our parts like fiddles . Never knowing that we were made so brittle . How could we support the idea of being each other equal . Were we subconsciously righting the wrong of each other evil . Checking and correcting each other egos . Are we egging on ourselves to be counted as zero’s . Falt for a reason you was my stumbling block to committing treason . Thank you by a lot for making me lose my religion and for making me use my vision . After all I had to review my decision’s . Then when I am done to comeback with strength and precision . To carry up out my position similar to a politician . Fishing and wishing for the fixing of things we are missing . My Falt for a reason star crossed in…

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We Turned Down Our Faith .

Judah rise and shine and give the world a big piece of your mind . And then watch civilization fall by design . Keep our Father promises and laws inside . Don’t be afraid or surprised , for the flesh and the material will meet it’s demise .The understanding of mankind sits in a tomb of lost time . We been made fit to make a steep climb . We paid the cost of a victimless crime . We got caught when we couldn’t cover our behind . We turned down our pace and we turn down our faith . And we turned down our faith . We’re alright you might say ,because you’re being brave . But do you really know for sure that you are saved . Just look at the mysterious ways you behave . And now tell me alright we are all saved . They gave us a month of February for the right to go to the grave . When the world is our sancturary but yet they keep us as slaves . We turned down our faith , and we all turned down our faith by turning into the things we hate most . I guess this is why we love dreams and hate ghosts . That is why we keep close to nightmares , for our memories share’s the same dose . And we turned down our faith . And we all turned down our place . History became the centuries that we don’t teach anymore . How what where when and who then had us in slavery before ? Now that the Children of Israel are still there and are rotten to the core . Am I still 3/5th of a man or no more . Now that I am fully grown I have a civil right to be poor and the spiritual might to endure . The Most High covenant covers my body to secure the faith and to insure my fate . We turned down our faith . When others that came here before, never knew we would occupy the same space and more . They opened the door and we stepped out onto the floor . And we turned down our faith and we all turned down our grace and our case to be in this place . We are always leading last in the race . I asked myself what is the purpose of my pace ? To pick up loose change or to build up energy for a good chase . I bet you that my faith will catch up with me in the right time and at the right place . I made up my mind to arm myself with my faith . For I am the alarm to my people to take back their faith and to hold fast on the track where we was not given space . We all turned around into our race, because we all saw the same scars on our face from before . Just in case I forgot that I was finacially poor . But my faith was rich and kept me hoping for more . And I stopped turning down my crown to being blessed to be around . And the chase that went from town to town . Now is a full circle that I can trace back to my legacy that was lost and I found .

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