Star Of War.. Time Makes Up Energy And Pride .

Empire online, the empire in the hearts and minds . Time makes up energy and pride . Time made up of energy to survive. To survive any obstacle of the impossible ! Life in a balance in our roles tomorrow as today . Even if our hopes are high . We fit a mold and then after we become a mole . Then disaster takes a hold and we fall onto a whole new power we can’t control . The power, towers what I love of being. Something extreme has happened . This must mean I have a passion for a path to lead into wrath! To the dark side I go with my past . To the dark side with a draft . With hopes of a final craft . Time will make up energy applied and it will welcome me to my darkside .

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I Keep On Making A Way For Me .

I think I’m too ahead of my time . Everything I touch gets left behind. Maybe it’s just nature or a illusion of my mind. I been going directly against my design. Off the grid and going the way I will be defined. Following a grey thin line of what may could be the answer to now or later. Meanwhile I will not waiver from my intensive mental labor . I still owe myself a favor. Yes I do . To put love back where it belongs. This is my journey to the past to examine and ask what really went wrong ? Too much love , too much hope , or the pressure of great expectations. I must move with my frustration as energy and not weight. Yes I am late with understanding you and your love . But love is always ahead and it wait to greet you often during the worst of times . To my falt I seek for you to find . Not your body but your soul to combine . The body to body, the mind to matter, and the soul to a ladder . I am hopeful that all will be better. As I keep on making a way for me to complete what I started. And to finish where I departed . You my falt will be my only target.

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Can’t Wait.

You the most lovely thing I ever had to ask about the present and past . Obviously you’re a present that I won’t pass . Well I guess I will be your first and last. I hope you are ok with me moving so fast . I don’t want you to think that I’m low in class . Just think that I’m transparent like glass . And I learn what I need to know about something in a flash . I can’t wait to crash my thoughts into your heart. I can’t wait to ask if love is a forbidden art . What part of you is a blank canvas for a good start . Can’t wait ! Too illustrate what talents that I have to compensate for my past . No i don’t have much credit or cash just a wealth of love that seems so vast . I can’t wait to ask . Do you see life with light that is visually moving in contrast. What do you think of having nothing as a half of a estate. I often make mistakes but you nor I aren’t one of them .Can’t wait to celebrate everything that we have. I can’t wait to continue to demonstrate that love is all it takes to make happiness worthwhile of a wait.

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Something Too Always Do.

I’ll stop my world to share my view . It’s getting better all the time . I’ll stop my world and chat with you . It’s something to always do when there is a moment to pick up on something new . I want to tell you that society covers up what we normally hold questions on and the answer is so very true . I never knew that the color of love was actually vibrant and blue until I walked passed you and stumbled as if I had a few . I will stop my world and share something too always do when I want to meet somebody new . I just wanted to say you’re wearing some lovely shoes and I am Patrick and I wanted to share more good news with you . This is everything and something that I would definitely do all the time . My world will go on to be renewed . It will be bigger and better than ever since I took the time focusing on through and to . It’s something too always do .

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Chaos and Love .

I closed my eyes to revive. I wake up feeling that my time have arrived. And I begin to realize that life is a balance between our dreams and compromise. I’m watching mother nature rise . I look at a reflection that caught my eyes. She said this could be, a crazy way to die . I took a deep breath to say, we will survive . Mother nature has gave us a big surprise. And everybody takes a glimpse at chaos unwind . I looked at her and I saw how always she was mines . She was stunning and she is love . I hope to be with you up above . I was thinking .. I was thinking we should make way for a place to run and she said I was thinking of a place to make love . For my feelings are strong and willing . I looked out the window and saw no more buildings . She said this will better make for memories. I lost control of my arms . I lean my body after hers . I said I guess I’ll go first . We stepped together as we reversed . We told each other yes love could be worse if we wasn’t together in this frightening weather. We made love to feel all better. Lightening and wind destroyed the building but it nevered destroyed our feelings. Because we was wielding chaos in love.

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i can add words .. poetry in the making .

What they say about me is their views of what may be so true . Poets write often about things we are going through. Putting love in my life is the survival of my dreams . This is why poetry is so extreme you always get to live twice so as it seems. You will understand this as you follow the scenes and read in-between the art of a language that is trying to be seen. Do you know what I mean when I add words and I can add words . It’s a thought of a picture that have a theme by shot and not by quote or something to promote. Just another struggle with hope and so I wrote in what I can see and hear. A few tears to think clear and all of me make up a energetic story to cheer . No more sadness or fear , just a dream that I’ve been near . Poetry in the making is simply pure thought over my heart. I cross it with my soul to keep me on chart with a view of my own head start. I’m just bless to be this sharp and fit in a part of this loving art . I love my friends, I love my kin , and I love the talent ,and skin that God has wrapped me in . Poetry is alive because we all do this no matter what where or when . We often repeat this energy just to send a message of life that will never end .

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poet .

Poet it takes one to know someone. Is it you or me or is it just so much fun . A poet work is always won . Even when it is almost done . That art work in you is sizzling like the sun . This is how we generally run , turbo charge with a clutch touch to cruise automatically. No rules just words putting on moves . A poet is so enlighten and cool . They always bring their own deep part of the pool . And easily put society back into school.

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