Commentary on Small but necessary 9/23/2017 .

The over all thought process was to create energy for wanting to find parts of love that can be refined . Meaning repairing your feelings with the past experience of being in love and going for it .  Realizing to have another person to enjoy and think about . What does it do in time . It heals and recovers a wealth of information you can use or discard . A experience of valuing time while making time . The want to have a better chance with what you know . The risk to fix or to break even more . I offer a discipline and order outside this society . So my needs and wants are strict but orderly . If I wanted to be wild I would be homeless and heartless . So I am not going to be reckless .  A mutual respect and interest to gain more from each other is my goal . A very short poem on what risk I need to take to find the right woman . As well subconsciously putting me in my own trap of interest and information to find her . . @poetoilcrafter  .. You can find the latest poems from small but necessary here on wp or there on Twitter ..

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Poetry commentary . 

Coinavore is back with just being my other thought page or blog . I can leave PayPal link and other links here and not feel bad or ashame . I don’t want my work to share the same content page as a donation . I tried it on and it looks like a distasteful title . So instead I will link it here with my aftermath summary of poems . I do want to do poetry as a career shortly . Writing poems more than ranting or orally inspiring my mood . Meaning I have to get better with my poetry . This recent poem was about the hurricane experience I just went through . I live in Houston and I warned may people about the forecast just being wrong and that if evacuation were to happened it should had been on Thursday last week . Many people asked me what I thought at that time . I said it’s a very bad system a cat 4-5 with flooding . I added satire to my comment when I was asked if I’m leaving town . But anyways the last poem on small but necessary is a variation of a poem style I have with a moment and I want to add intense wording to it . So I had a feel at the time of wanting to go outside . I’m a rain person , but lately I’m becoming a insider . I have anxiety problems so I have to plan and know in advance if I’m going outside . So the hurricane starts the rain begins . And I see people from my apartment outside in the storm itself often . Crazy people I said , me knowing what it feels like to have rain sideways hitting you . I walk in the rain often . So this was my pass . Every night and day I would look from my patio window to see people and cars of people leaving and coming . People would hit or miss the heavy down pours . Most didn’t care as if they was on a mission . I watched and I wanted my mission . But then and now I’m sick with a cold . So I couldn’t get out and I know how painful that type of rain is and how dangerous it can get . I walked home before twice in a straight line storm . I could barely see and breathe . So the poem overall feel and concept was to challenge me to eventually get out . I did yesterday the day before anxiety got to me . So I just watched people go and comeback with bags and stuff . I live right before uptown so flooding happens but the drainage and bayou often are clear and low of water so it can handle heavy rains with breaks . The poem was me wanting to get out and or go to work . Once I’m outside I am fine with no care in the world . But before I am like changing my errands to the point of being able to do it tomorrow . I had anxiety mixed with cabin fever and a cold . A good short poem , I am trying to specialized in that . And every once in a while I’ll do massive poems or mid size poems . Also I haven’t been working and I have double bills because I care for my mom and other relatives . So I needed to test run a donation page . I thought I put my PayPal link in my profile but I don’t see it . So I linked it on the page because I actually needed funds for this week . I work for heb a major food store in Texas Mexico and Louisiana . It’s a good company and job because they often know better with certain situations . So I am sure they paid us overtime for the days before the storm . Because I was going to use sick day pay for missing work last week and this week . I looked at my check yesterday online and I am like they took a payday I used and gave me overtime pay . normally you can’t get overtime pay with a pay off day . So I was shocked . Continue to enjoy this blog feel free comment or donate or like my madness .  PayPal.Me link:

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The Mysteries Of My Writing’s. 

Coinavore a altered ego I once claimed for fame and to depart often from my name . A writing concept to step up my game and to not hitch on to the train of being the same . Therefore there was a name and a topic and or a theme to apply logic . My Falt was a means to express the energy that rest or stress on me . To impress the muse that wasn’t amused by me . So I often ran loose with many of my thoughts and writing’s . Uniting the persona rather than dividing . First And Last Thought was what I wrote while inspiring and admiring a weakness that I often fought . A stroke of wonderful genius that was captioned and caught . With a contraption of  hope of touching her heart . I went for subtle poetry and figurative art . After awhile I had a library of notes and sensitive thoughts . I was using my brain to create the most expensive type of art . A bit close to insane if you knew how smart . Adding days and weeks with words that wanted to be complete . I sought after more than something sweet . I went for something bold and deep . A month to month poetry week . A branding beyond love that I had to seek . A understanding at being  creative and different as well unique . I carried on after my interest in love saw it’s defeat . I moved forward instead of retreat . I paid more close attention to the company I would keep . 

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I can add words .. The other words .

I can add words to your expressions . Poetry is my obsession but not my only exception to meet my or your expectations . I can add words that is for romance in many sections . love is not the question just the understanding of the content and our own aggressions . Mirroring and admiring the reflection of our influence and of our subtle suggestions . I respect that you are one with nature . I suspect you are a soulmate of mines that was due to come later . And now we owe our energy a favor . For unleashing something greater . Hoping to apply and supply something to saver . I can add words to your wit and behavior . A tasteful thought , twist with flavor . My work is a ongoing case of life , love , art , and labor . With you no longer seeing me as your neighbor , but as a long lasting favor .

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Coinavore .

With the same old facts I then told you my name . With the same old stats I’ve then rewrote the game . A poet that didn’t come for fame but I did come to explain and to reign . A campaign of random madness was often perfectly sustained . For a purpose to express myself  and to relieve overwhelming pain . I then took on another purpose by learning from the talent I had gained . A higher spiritual balance that came with writing that I had to maintain . A acquired lyrical vibrant to carefully frame . A method to a message to contain . The blood running in my veins , the letters of information rolling in lanes . All going towards the preparation of responding and building up my brain . Corresponding with a train of thought . Drilling the sound beating from my heart . Repeating what was always around from the start . Me being poetry in motion as living art .

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To the poet left behind .

The mind is a terrible thing to waste and so is a romantic rhyme without a place . The story is often told better to read one’s face . To  believe in another faith while running and wearing in a race . Find me a poet with fine taste and  I will support them with a beat and a pace . Here’s to the poet left behind . Something different than mankind . A persuasive  spirit perfectly designed . A competitive repetitive vivid look into the divine .  To the poet we often leave behind do to this society we are wrongly defined and lonely so we make ourselves hard to find . Everyday we portray everything is fine but we unwind by untangling wise rhymes . The urgent care of time is filled by a spiritual climb . Turning away from many visual signs . And only answering to what feels right because we are all blind . To the poet left behind never be afraid to make your volume heard and words shine .

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I can add words.. I’ll smile .

The nightmare I wake up from leads me to my dreams and to many dares I will do . If I only knew the total view . I would stare at the picture too . So I take a few minutes to leave my and to lead with my head . I wonder what other people life would be like if I was dead . Who would fashionably say things that I’ve said with passion of being scared . I hope you will share the best of me and test themselves to the rest of me that I left . There is another way I will beat death . With every breath of me I’ll smile from the depths of me while I conquer destiny . I’ll smile in agony with what I meet because it’s there to be beat . I’ll smile to keep me on my feet , dancing , and running to compete . For a life that should not be complete . This day is better bitter sweet . These days are bigger and unique . So I’ll smile in and out my sleep and through my most doubtful weeks . To strengthen what once was weak . I’ll smile as I seek my faith .

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