To Have Hope .

Hope is whatever you may soak into your heart or mind . A conscious note of a struggle in the past and feelings that will not pass . Didn’t I want too move on so fast . But I didn’t and I nevered asked myself why I had let these troubles last . Maybe because my being was stuck and out of gas . That was my past where I often looked back and crashed. Now I value hope more than a cause but as a redeeming process to promote what I once was soaked in and how I wrote my way out of restoring the past . See I may look simple but I am pretty vast .It don’t take much for me to do a favor once you ask . For I’ve been on a destructive path and all I needed was a cold shower or bath in the way of tough love from a better half. I have that , that is out spoken on my behalf . You and a subconscious telling me to behave .

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Happy Poetry Week .. Encore . Live On.

Sometimes in my life things reach the point of no return . Nor do I regret the depth of my thoughts as I mumble underneath my breath. I stumble on until my talents balance me from another bad choice with myself . My health , my help , and wealth is welcome where ever the soul can tap in and listen to it beat reach a point of free speech . What! Peak . ┬áLive on , live on , and give on because I’m that sweet to repeat a journey I already completed by defeating my burning desires . I am unique because I am afraid of waking up so weak , so I sleep , and after awhile I weep . And I think I’ll count some sheeps to go back to sleep . Live on , live on , give on , and live long to belong to being strong . Live on to the right of being in love that you fight to be apart of and in . I won’t pretend that this is where I begin or end my ways of what or won’t say to have us to stay and play and then say . Live on , live on , and give on to help love hope for more . No chores just all being pleasure for hardcore.

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Happy Poetry Week.. Love Is Real.

Dedicated to my falt . Oh it’s not my fault you are lovely as you can be . I hope you love my poetry . Oh , tell me that our love is real. Tell me if we have chemistry. Don’t forget about our history. We often share the right energy to physically fly and to apply anything that needs to be . I know my love is real because all I have is this will . Tell me more about how you feel and how your talents differ from your skills. And I will tell all about my thrills and how you give me chills . And how exactly how you make me feel. Oh , tell me if our love is real . Let it not be a mystery, maybe I can lift you up with some of finest poetry . Literally you will see and constantly I’ll be ready for beauty to vibrantly remind me all my words defines what you and me refine about chemistry and our history. Maybe we are meant to be spiritually connected and this is why much more is expected. This is where we are restless and why we become breathless at each other sight . Because we have been in flight forever and ever. You make my love seem better just tell me if what I’m seeing is real . Tell , me , that, your , love , is , real.

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Happy Poetry Week .. Poet FALT .

Dedicated to my love , to my first and last thought. Poet falt . Poet fault this is powerful as well as beautiful like a musical but simply unusual . Casual feelings for the physical and natural understanding for our spiritual being. That’s wonderful for us to carry trust over lust ,it must be a quality building crust surrounding all of us . It maybe a fling or some random type of thing that crush us to being better than what we are seeing. Do you ever question they way that we may seem. How we carry our theme tightly knitted like a seam holding up everything that each other may bring . I just love the fact that you don’t shine but if anything you beam and that all I want and ever I need. I read you with my heart and not by modern thoughts . Poet falt , poetic talk , and poetry will walk into what we had brought. You’re beautiful, powerful, and wonderful. Forgive me for being traditional, egoistical , or maybe even radical. But this is the only way to turn our magical into something more classical . I know that would be a miracle. I’m just asking you if it’s optional.

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Happy Poetry Week.. Questions of value with love .

What do you think love is really for ? A life long competition that you can keep score . Or a proposition with intentional consequences . What do you really think love is for ? A casual holding of stock in a potential lifestyle . Or a traditional method of networking and communicating values one to another . What is a lover ? A trustee or asset . Can a lover hold more than love ? Can a lover be the right kind of love ? To discover this is to know and to know is to explore ones interests and oneself differences . Love and lovers often rotate around coincidences or perfect moments in which one is having while the other is struggling to maintain a balance . Love is a game of wit and talent . To hope wit and to challenge the talents that make love fit .

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Happy Poetry Week .. I know poetry .

Poems are written in so many ways . It may take a second or so many days. And nobody but you will give it any praise. Some people may call me a poet and others will say it’s just a silly phase . I just want to be amaze at something that isn’t a craze . I just want to be bold and brave . And often ask myself what is next to save . Maybe I should settle down and behave . I have gave all I can give. Now I must live on so I can forget and forgive. I know poetry is the real deal , it’s the vibration of what I feel . It’s the occupation of my chosen field . I know poetry as my life’s little thrill. Without it I’ll have not much notice or appeal . And all of my answers would be loaded but deeply concealed. I know poetry because it has taught me to care and to take time to heal.

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Happy Poetry Week .. Comfort Me

If I need your helping hand I would grab it and lead the way . Comfort me with what you would say . I’m not going to run away from any role in your life you want me to play . I am hoping to stay until you’re okay . I promise I will behave and too obey what ever you need from me now into the next day . Comfort me with poetry so we can celebrate our loyalty with verbally expressing each other best qualities . Comfort me , come for me to hold what was once broken and what was unspoken . Words could never express what I was hoping and choking on to say . I was there to care while I was drifting away . Come for me , comfort me , and we will see where it will lead and what it will leave .

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