While Waiting .. Beautiful People .

While waiting .. I found out about us. I found beautiful people in one place and nobody knew we was one race . Because we all have different understandings written upon our face . Some say that we have lost our way and some say you all have falled from Grace . But I say we nevered lost our Faith. Because we are beautiful in so many ways that God gave us the ability to show off our rays and that is why we give him the praise . Now we the people have to be brave for we crave that one day that we are no longer slaves . I said we will no longer be slaves . You are beautiful in so many ways that people dare you to stay same as if we would change their game . I may sound vain but I am not a shame of where came from or what I have became . For this physical body have nothing more for me to gain . Just pain and change that will drive me insane . But spiritually I will still have to gain . For life comes easy and love comes twice as hard . Just because every once in awhile we deserve a reward . Something to keep us moving forward. While waiting I became a sure of myself and my real name that won’t get me credit or any fame but nevertheless I won’t and will not be ashamed. 

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Happy Poetry Week .. I can add words .

I can add words .. A street with a light . This street is full of life . where can I go to question my life , was I always right , was I loved , did I do something just because I was like no other . Would I survive and go a bit further , then comeback and hold my shoulders . I wasn’t mature just much bolder looking right back I’m blessed to be older . My knowledge compact and running over . My back to the fence I’m all intense trying to make sense of my last two cents . Which way will I go which way will I know. I know what’s up I have a cut that I don’t want nobody to touch it would mean that much to where it will hurt you and I . I survived this street with my instinct and all I can and will do is react and think . Relax , repeat , and take a seat and watch the world pour into the street . happy poetry week. 

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Happy Poetry Week .. While waiting the epic.

I loved you from afar for you nevered saw the best of me . You nevered knew I had a recipe to fulfill my destiny . The love I wanted was a testimony of what was rare from being so lonely . I wanted to be the one to only . I felt so strongly about what you meant to me . For you been my fantasies. And now I can see that you was too far from me . You’re like a star out in the galaxy . Full of hope and promise of discovery .  But nevered notice or understood the beautiful overall astronomy . That in which is my philosophy . Star cross lovers and their spiritual poetry .   The irony of lacking visual clarity . Love with a interesting disparity . Is certainly a rarity in society and in a novelty. But personally I think we have so many great unknown abilities . I think at night of those possibilities . If it is a bigger than life responsibility . To feel love , to fill love , to show love , and to had shown love . And to question if it was ever enough . To soften or harden us . This reflection must be the falling of our trust . Images that we might or may not want to discuss . Is as tempting as lust . We are our own counterbalance of plus or more of each other talents . Love will not be the same now we had to change our method of love we had gain.

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Happy Poetry Week .. Notecast .

Thanks to all who visited my sites . I hope that you all get something from the sites and I hope it inspires or better your days . I am doing well now  and I look forward to feeling better . I am blessed to come this far with all . And I look forward to going further. So please enjoy the sites and feedback is always welcome . I am not a political correctness person so I am OK with opinions. May the week carry on in a sweet and unique way for all . Happy poetry week y’all.

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Happy Poetry Week .. Why Would I Want To Be In Love .

Why would I want to be in love with you . Is it because of your beauty in which I want a better view . Is it because of you and I will now sum up to two or I am lonely and I couldn’t find anything else to do . Why would I want to be in love with you maybe I wanted something mature but new with plans and a quick overview . Who am I to refuse love to and for . It is not my concern for I just say let it be . I hope it will be , and may that be the key to on coming success and stress . Let love be fully blessed. Why would I want to be in love for a reason of a first and final request . To compete with the best and to carry those moments in my chest while resting on your chest . Testing if I have a dominant position with conquest . I will do what I can to impress the body mind and soul . To make our broken pieces fit as a whole that will be what we can hold . Why would I want to be in love with you. A goal to inspire to and beyond . My selfish attitude want another attitude to lean on and to lead with calm . To proceed each other short comings and to believe in what kept us running to achieve a goal higher than money. This is why I would want to be in love .

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Happy Poetry Week .. What is going on.

A story to keep close to your heart with the beat . So we can skip over dangers we might repeat. Most of my people aren’t weak , but they are scrambled around like lost sheep . How in the world can we compete , if my life beginned incomplete . I know that I can stand on my own two feet . But two feet seems so deep and my soul can’t even sleep . Because it has discovered too much deceit . Now I know why others fall and retreat . I know now that I belong . I know now what took me so long . I know that my condition has been prolonged . What is going on ? What is going wrong with you and me . Why can’t people let us be . Maybe because we are too fast and too free . That is how we pass our legacy. Publicly we’re at peace , but privately we are at grief. Because they say we have no destiny . But physical science teaches me , that I have so much more chemistry . I know that I’m a student of art and philosophy . No technology will replace my heart or erase my thoughts. What is going on ! What is going on is a big restart . This is where we start . A point of no return I and you must embark . To go along to get right on to know what is going on . What is going on ! Poetry and consciousness .

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Happy Poetry Week .. Tomorrow Is Today .

I wish I already had it all . It taking me far too long , and I think I am doing it wrong . I have a scar that has made me strong . I use to think I never belong to me or to be in any society  that came along . I think I hear a catchy beat from a song . I wonder why that moment lasted so long . I am waiting for the next big to come along .  Yes I am seeing tomorrow as if it’s today . Tomorrow is today my sorrows went away . But I have rent to pay I hope I can get a raise to prepare me for better days . Yes tomorrow , tomorrow is today , I may make your day for your beauty holds a place that I can lay . And I hope that I can stay to feel right as if I belong to make you feel better and both become too strong to succumb to something so wrong . Today and not tomorrow I will go off on my own . It’s about time I’m alone , I really have to cast my stone . With words that will hit home .  Love left by a poet in poems . I hope my  poetry  tell you about what really , went on . Tomorrow is celebrated today . Slightly overrated was yesterday and I hope today came to stay . Because mentally I am melting away cause tomorrow is today.

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