Poetry Week Notecast ..

Welcome back to this blog . Welcome back to my enjoyable madness. And welcome back to the matrix . I am Patrick Carter super ninja extraordinaire . Freedom lover , free speech , and constantly critical thinking , that is all me . That is my personality . Wind like . It still do exist if it’s not blowing. The wind , me , and my soul . This is my monthly promotion of my God given talent to assemble massing of words to make art , happiness, inspiration, and common sense. This month and next month will be no theme for the promotion. Because I am gearing up for have a heart day . And I’ve been counting it down with kindness everyday. It’s not until February but why not do more before then . Done . Poetry week is upon us and I hope I have made you happy . And or angry for grammar errors. Excuse me . I went to yale elementary. The real free education. LOL. No . I went to a head start program at my church and then to elementary. But bless those that do make it that far in education. But know that is just one way to manageable education. For nevertheless there is another way to mix education with freedom to enjoy and express. This is the way of a free thought, a free thinker . Critical thinking is apply able in society and in the matrix . Enough about me please enjoy whatever you do best now . As I have myself with poetry week . Thanks for the time to read this enjoy the rest of my stuff like well.


About coinavore

I am difficult. I am creative. I am energy from a hope.. I am the best hidden book you'll find unless you find the hidden books of truth .
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