Chaos and Love .

I closed my eyes to revive. I wake up feeling that my time have arrived. And I begin to realize that life is a balance between our dreams and compromise. I’m watching mother nature rise . I look at a reflection that caught my eyes. She said this could be, a crazy way to die . I took a deep breath to say, we will survive . Mother nature has gave us a big surprise. And everybody takes a glimpse at chaos unwind . I looked at her and I saw how always she was mines . She was stunning and she is love . I hope to be with you up above . I was thinking .. I was thinking we should make way for a place to run and she said I was thinking of a place to make love . For my feelings are strong and willing . I looked out the window and saw no more buildings . She said this will better make for memories. I lost control of my arms . I lean my body after hers . I said I guess I’ll go first . We stepped together as we reversed . We told each other yes love could be worse if we wasn’t together in this frightening weather. We made love to feel all better. Lightening and wind destroyed the building but it nevered destroyed our feelings. Because we was wielding chaos in love.


About coinavore

I am difficult. I am creative. I am energy from a hope.. I am the best hidden book you'll find unless you find the hidden books of truth .
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