While Waiting.. I Found Love .

Life is too short to always be alone. I know that I am strong and happy on my own. Loving oneself is the way things belong . Until one day somebody special comes along. And it may be the best day you ever had until something goes wrong. And somebody pass by you humming your favorite song . I ask myself a question of going a short way or the long way to carry a thought on . I took the long way and caught up with the stranger humming my song . I said excuse me I don’t mean harm or danger or a crazy weird favor . Please let me introduce my wild witty behavior. I’m really into writing and other manual labor worth acquiring while understand things of matter that becomes just more inspiring. I was caught off guard and my life was spiraling . I was just admiring your vocal presence . For it has become a hopeful present . I often sing or hum when I am uncertain . It simply calms me to understand life lessons. I question two things of you that is a blessing . Did beauty find you or did you find beauty? Do you agree with me that you define the essence of beauty . You carry well a bold content of maturity . I hope that will be your security . I found love again in it purity.


About coinavore

I am difficult. I am creative. I am energy from a hope.. I am the best hidden book you'll find unless you find the hidden books of truth .
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