Happy Poetry Week.. Love Is Real.

Dedicated to my falt . Oh it’s not my fault you are lovely as you can be . I hope you love my poetry . Oh , tell me that our love is real. Tell me if we have chemistry. Don’t forget about our history. We often share the right energy to physically fly and to apply anything that needs to be . I know my love is real because all I have is this will . Tell me more about how you feel and how your talents differ from your skills. And I will tell all about my thrills and how you give me chills . And how exactly how you make me feel. Oh , tell me if our love is real . Let it not be a mystery, maybe I can lift you up with some of finest poetry . Literally you will see and constantly I’ll be ready for beauty to vibrantly remind me all my words defines what you and me refine about chemistry and our history. Maybe we are meant to be spiritually connected and this is why much more is expected. This is where we are restless and why we become breathless at each other sight . Because we have been in flight forever and ever. You make my love seem better just tell me if what I’m seeing is real . Tell , me , that, your , love , is , real.


About coinavore

I am difficult. I am creative. I am energy from a hope.. I am the best hidden book you'll find unless you find the hidden books of truth .
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